Frequently Asked Questions

For all the clinics, consultation charge is Rs 800

What is the consultation fees of Dr Sudhir Bhola?

Are there any packages for treatments?

NO, there are no packages sold at any of our clinics for any treatments. Only the doctor can tell the cost of treatment depending upon the diagnosis.

How long does it take to cure Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation?

Until and unless the doctor has diagnosed the root cause, it is not possible to tell that.

If i don't stay in Delhi N.C.R., can i talk to Dr Sudhir Bhola over the phone via audio or video call first?

Yes, that option is available. You can call or whatsapp on +91 9999118111 for details on how to talk to Dr. Sudhir Bhola over the phone.

How long does the consultation usually lasts?

Consultation time varies from patient to patient.

The cost of sessions of linear shock wave therapy depends upon the number of shocks recommended by the doctor after the physical examination. Currently, the machine is only available at our Sultanpur, Delhi branch.

What is the cost of Linear Shock Wave ED Therapy at Curewell Therapies? At which branch is the machine available?

Are there any surgical options available at Dr Sudhir Bhola's clinics?

No, he doesn't offer any surgical treatments. He only treats with safe herbal Ayurvedic medications.

What is the cost of erectile dysfunction treatment by Dr Sudhir Bhola?

As there are no packages available for any treatments, so there is no fixed cost for any treatment. Only after a proper diagnosis, Dr. Bhola can tell the cost of the treatment.