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Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Foods For Increasing Ejaculation Time

All men want to delay their ejaculation time. Some ejaculate at their desire time but some don’t. There are different reasons behind Premature Ejaculation. If a man is full of Stamina he can enjoy with his partner and can get complete enjoyment of Sex. There are some different foods that can help you to last long on the bed with your partner.

Foods that are used to Increase the Ejaculation time Nature has a bunch of Foods that we usually eat but many of us don’t even know the benefits of an increase in Ejaculation Timing. Sex totally depends on male Stamina, Mental health, and Physical Health. To Increase your Sex health consume a good amount of nutritious foods.

Listed below are food products that can help you to stay longer in bed

  • Carrot-Spinach: These contain Potassium. Potassium plays a big role when it comes to hydrating your body. Spinach also contains Omega 3s which helps to balance Sex hormones. This helps to increase Stamina. An increase in Stamina means an Increase in Ejaculation time.

  • Corn: For longer pleasures, Complex Carbs are important.

  • Fish: Fish is a great source of protein that helps to increase efficiency inside your body and helps to increase Ejaculation time. Use foods that are rich in Protein

  • Garlic: It is high in allicin which helps in boosting sexual drives. Garlic cloves are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. They help in improving blood circulation and enhancing copulation, reducing your chances of pre-ejaculation.

There are some other foods that help to improve Ejaculation time such as, Eggs, Peanut Butter, Milk, Walnuts, Tuna Fish, and many more.

How to consume foods to increase ejaculation time? It all depends on your taste. You can use any of these in your Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner even you can use them in your Smoothies, Coffee, Juices, shakes, and even curries.

Warning: Extra usage of any of the food products can lead to other health issues. Some people might even have allergies. So always start a new diet under the guidance of an expert.

Dr. Sudhir Bhola giving tips on how to control premature ejaculation.

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