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Balanitis - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Treatment for balanitis or inflammation of the foreskin and glans of the penis

balanitis treatment in delhi


Balanitis is a common condition in uncircumcised males in India in which there is inflammation on the glans of the penis along with the foreskin. Men with balanitis often present with penile pain and superficial reddening of the skin, usually in patches. Patients complain about irritation due to itchiness and swelling of the foreskin. If not treated on time, the swelling can often cause difficulty in urinating. The condition can be painful and if left untreated, it can also lead to weakness and fatigue. Some other symptoms include:

  • White discharge under the foreskin.

  • Foul smell.

  • Painful urination

  • Can also lead to erection issues.


Balanitis essentially affects uncircumcised men because the moist, warm area inside the foreskin is the perfect place for the growth of yeast and bacteria. It can occur at any age and is more common in males who suffer from phimosis, also known as tight foreskin issue where the man is unable to retract their foreskin easily all the way to the back. Some of the major causes of the inflamed foreskin and the head of the penis are :

  • Not maintaining proper hygiene.

  • Diabetes (one of the most common problems with diabetic patients).

  • Obesity.

  • STD - Sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Using soaps with chemicals that irritate the skin.

Balanitis infection
ayurvedic treatment for balanitis


The treatment of balanitis in Delhi is simple and doesn’t take much time to give relief as long as the doctor knows the reasons behind the inflammation. Balanitis requires a physical examination by an expert sexologist. The doctor might ask for some tests as well in some cases. Ayurvedic medicines are available for this condition which are safe and easy to consume. It is advised not to take any medicine or ointment without consulting a physician as it can leave the patient with adverse effects. Inflammation of penis treatment is possible without any surgery. Instead of searching "how to treat balanitis naturally", book an appointment with Dr. Sudhir Bhola and get a safe cure for balanitis.


balanitis ayurvedic treatment

Balanitis can affect your sexual life too. I was unable to consummate during the time I was having inflammation over my organ. After discussing with my wife decided to meet Dr. Bhola for ayurvedic medicines for balanitis. The treatment was given for a month but there was relief within a week.

Verified Patient

treatment for balanitis in Delhi

I have been diabetic for over 4 years and balanitis has been quite a common recurring condition in my case. Mainly because of uncontrolled sugar levels. When I took medicines at Curewell therapies, I was also given healthy living tips which helped me control my sugar and maintain a healthy sexual life.

Verified Patient

balanitis medicine in India

I never knew this was a problem that required a doctor's assistance. When I first had the issue I simply ignored it for the first few days. As the problem didn't go away at its own, I had to contact the doctor. The swelling and itching was gone in a few days. There were no side effects.

Verified Patient

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