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Phimosis Treatment In Delhi, Gurgaon 

Tight Foreskin, Phimosis, Paraphimosis is treatable without Surgery or Circumcision by Dr. Sudhir Bhola

Phimosis treatment without surgery in Delhi

What is Phimosis? What are phimosis treatments?

phimosis treatment without surgery

Phimosis is a condition in which a person cannot retract or pull back their foreskin from around the tip of the penis glans or head. It is very common in Indians as most of us are uncircumcised. People often think of getting a circumcision as soon as they face problems in having unprotected sex due to pain in retracting the foreskin or not able to get a full erection. Experienced Ayurveda doctors can help you in getting a safe cure for phimosis or para-phimosis without any operation or any side effects at a very nominal cost. Only a very small percentage of men with acute phimosis require a surgical procedure. 

Phimosis CAN BE TREATED without undergoing any surgical process through some exercises along with some medications. While having intercourse, the tight foreskin can even lead to Para-phimosis (it occurs when the foreskin can no longer be pulled forward over the tip of the penis) which can leave the person in excruciating pain if not treated on time. Not keeping proper hygiene can also lead to Balanitis (a condition where the glans of the penis get inflammation). Acute phimosis leads to erection issues which can be very frustrating and depressing for men. It is advised to visit a sexologist doctor if you are facing any of the issues mentioned above.

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Some tips for uncircumcised men

  • Always pull your foreskin back before urinating.

  • Clean your glans on daily basis to maintain hygiene.

  • If you feel pain while having unprotected intercourse, see a physician ASAP.

  • Painful sex treatment is possible in Delhi.

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What patients say about Dr. Sudhir Bhola

I visited Dr. Sudhir Bhola in 2019 for an early ejaculation problem in the hope to get a permanent solution as I had wasted more than 1 lakh rupees on different over-the-counter products which give symptomatic relief for a limited time. I have been married twice and changed many partners before due to this problem. I was given a reference to Dr. Bhola from a urologist doctor friend of mine. I started his medicines in which there were only herbal ayurvedic medications which had no side effects but only positive signs on my body. Firstly my erections were getting better, after which my timing was improving slowly after each intercourse session. My strength and energy levels also increased significantly. Within 4-5 months, my problem was cured and to date, I haven't faced any issues.

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