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Phimosis is a condition in which a person cannot retract or pull back their foreskin from around the tip of the penis glans or head. It is very common in Indians as most of us are uncircumcised. People often think of getting a circumcision as soon as they face problems in having unprotected sex due to pain in retracting the foreskin or not able to get a full erection. Experienced Ayurveda doctors can help you in getting a safe cure for phimosis or para-phimosis without any operation or any side effects at a very nominal cost. Only a very small percentage of men with acute phimosis require a surgical procedure. 

phimosis treatment

Phimosis CAN BE TREATED without undergoing any surgical process through some exercises along with some medications. While having intercourse, the tight foreskin can even lead to Para-phimosis (it occurs when the foreskin can no longer be pulled forward over the tip of the penis) which can leave the person in excruciating pain if not treated on time. Not keeping proper hygiene can also lead to Balanitis (a condition where the glans of the penis gets inflammation). Acute phimosis which leads to erection issues which can be very frustrating and depressing for men. It is advised to visit a sexologist doctor if you are facing any of the issues mentioned above.

Some tips for uncircumcised men


  • Always pull your foreskin back before urinating.
  • Clean your glans on daily basis to maintain hygiene.
  • If you feel pain while have unprotected intercourse, see a physician ASAP.

I never knew this was going to be a problem. My tight foreskin was phimosis disorder where I could not retract my skin to its original position after pulling it back. Once while I having intercourse, I felt a lot of pain, and my skin was stuck to the back of the penis glance. This condition is called paraphimosis which left me in pain. I visited Dr. Bhola and he quickly treated me without any delay. There was no surgery required. He also gave me a few medications which I had to take for a month along with some exercises. My phimosis treatment was successful without the need for circumcision. 

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Patient feedbacks

I am a 28 years old male who just got married. I never had a physical relationship with anyone before marriage so i didn't know that my foreskin is supposed to go back. When we tried sex for the first time i couldn't get a full erection thus failed miserably and felt embarrassed. As i was shy so didn't visit a doctor and that's where problems became worse for me. My wife was getting frustrated and eventually, she gave me an ultimatum. I didn't want circumcision so looked for Ayurvedic doctors and found Dr. Sudhir to be best in this. Within 2 weeks my skin was retracting itself and there was no pain. Never had any issue after that. He is the best doctor for acute phimosis condition.