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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment with Ayurvedic and Herbal based medications that have NO SIDE EFFECTS at all by "Dr Sudhir Bhola" who has treated thousands of patients suffering from ED in Delhi, India

Dr Sudhir Bhola has an experience of over 30 years in which he also assisted his father (Late) Dr H.L. Bhola. WIth his knowledge and experience, he is able to diagnose most of the sexual disorders without any blood tests which means a patient doesn't have to spend thousands on blood tests. He believes in physical examination rather than telephonic consultations which is what most of the doctors are doing these days. At Curewell Therapies, we don't sell any packages or send medications through online payments or calls unless the patient has visited our clinic and taken a proper consultation with the doctor. This ideology makes Dr Sudhir Bhola (founder of Curewell Therapies) the most successful ayurvedic sexologist of india. He also has 99% positive feed backs which is quite rare to see in today's world.  If you want the cure for erectile dysfunction which is not temporary but permanent, then get a consultation with Dr Bhola.


ED is nothing but the inability to maintain or get an erection. For Erectile Dysfunction treatment, Dr Bhola offers 100% safe ayurvedic medications for patients with low testosterone levels, diabetes induced erectile dysfunction, age related ED and other body problems to cure their ED problem. For patients with internal injuries to penis,  vasculogenic impotence or erectile dysfunction, penis enlargement requirements are treated by Linear Shock Wave ED Therapy. Which treatment is best for the cure is only decided by the doctor after a thorough check up. So instead of searching online for a natural ED cure, it's better to see Dr Bhola and get the best treatment possible. You can read more on Dr Bhola's Practo Profile

erectile dysfunction treatment in delhi
erectile dysfunction treatment in delhi, dr sudhir bhola
best sexologist of the world

Dr Sudhir Bhola won the Best Sexologist of the world award given by Shri Amar Singh and  Mr Sandeep Patil

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes Erectile Dysfunction in men over 30?


There are many reason than can cause ED (erectile dysfunction) in not just men over 30 but also in men over 22! Reasons can be excessive alcohol use or smoking, low-testosterone levels, taking testosterone boosters in workout, diabetes, heart conditions, weak nervous system, internal injuries, unhealthy eating habits (junk food like oily or fried food), masturbation addiction.

Are there any non-medicine based treatments available in India?


Yes! there is a treatment available at 4-5 locations only in India and one of the clinic where it is available is Curewell Therapies which is owned by Dr Sudhir Bhola. The treatment is Linear Shock Wave Ed Therapy which emits focused shock waves in the penis which rejuvenates the nerves and tissues. This increases blood flow naturally and patients experience harder erections and even increase in penis size.

Is it safe to take Erectile Dysfunction medications?


We can only give you assurance for Dr Sudhir Bhola as he only gives 100% safe Ayurvedic and Herbal medications for ED (which give permanent cure) because of which he has such a high success rate and has won several best sexologist awards around the world.

best sexologist in india

Dr Sudhir Bhola won the Best Sexologist of India award given by Dr Yoganand Shastri, Ex-cricketer Chetan Sharma at International Healthcare Awards 2018

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Dr Sudhir Bhola

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Dr Sudhir Bhola talks on Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


Performance anxiety

Loss of attraction

Relationship difficulties



Psychiatric issues

Anxiety disorders





Myelodysplasia (spinal bifida)

Intervertebral disc lesions

Diabetes mellitus

Alcohol abuse

Pelvic surgery




Hypo- and hyperthyroidism

Hypogonadism leading to testosterone deficiency





Diabetes mellitus Hyperlipidemia

Peripheral vascular disease


Penile disorders include

Peyronie's disease


Drugs and substance abuse like


Antihypertensives (thiazides, beta blockers, methyldopa, spironolactone)

Antidepressants and tranquilizers


H2 antagonists (cimetidine)

Miscellaneous drugs (ketoconazole, hyoscine, anti-cancer agents)

Causes of ED, Erectile Dysfunction