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Dhat Syndrome - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Dhat syndrome treatment


Semen leakage or Dhat sundrome is a common occurrence during sexual activities or when a man is sexually aroused. It can happen with or without an erection. Some major symptoms are

  • Testicle pain due to excessive secretion of seminal fluids.

  • Excessive discharge of pre-ejaculatory fluid (also known as precum.) This fluid acts as a natural lubricant.

  • Losing erection after discharge of transparent fluid from the penis.

  • Leakage after urination.

  • Leakage during sleep. Also referred to as nocturnal emissions.

  • It can also affect the patient psychologically. Men tend to feel weak and frustrated.

Causes of Excessive Pre-cum

People often get confused between seminal white fluid and transparent discharge from the penis. Although both may or may not contain sperms. Here are some of the causes of Dhat syndrome or semen leakage

  • During sexual activities. Semen leakage or Dhat may occur during any type of sexual activity or simply while having sexual thoughts. It can occur before or after ejaculation.

  • Semen in small quantity remains in the urethra after ejaculation which can mix with urine, thus causing it to appear cloudy.

  • Prostatitis. It is swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland.

  • In some cases, watching excessive porn also leads to more secretion of pre-ejaculatory fluids.

excessive precum
semen leakage

Treatment of Dhat Syndrome

South Asian countries report the highest cases of Dhat syndrome where patients also complain that it makes them impotent. Some say it is also the reason for their premature ejaculation disorder. In most cases, it is just psychological although if you seem to experience semen leakage in large volume throughout the day, it is a matter of concern and the patient needs to see a good sexologist doctor ASAP. With the help of ayurvedic medicines, some lifestyle changes, proper guidance, and counseling, one can overcome this problem without any adverse effects. Instead of searching for questions like "how to cure Dhat syndrome naturally", you can take an online consultation with Dr. Sudhir Bhola and get treated without stepping out of your house. Medicines from our clinics can be delivered anywhere in the world.


dhat syndrome natural cure

I was facing semen leakage problem since college time. It was very embarrassing and I could never feel confident enough to even talk to women. Never knew there was a cure for this issue in Ayurveda. Happy with the results

Verified Patient

dhat rog medicines in india

Excessive precum was always a turnoff for my spouse. It was the main factor for her to never try oral. Finally, after completing treatment for 3 months, my issue is resolved. I would definitely recommend all to visit Dr. Bhola.

Verified Patient

semen leakage medicines in India

At first, I thought that discharge was normal and won't affect my sexual life. But later it was noticed that I was losing erection each time there was a fluid discharge from the penis. Without wasting any more time, consulted the doctor. Satisfied with the treatment.

Verified Patient

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