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How does phimosis affect your sexual performance?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

India, the country which gave birth to the Kama sutra is also home to millions who still prefer to not talk about sexual disorders openly. It is okay to visit a physician 4 times a month for problems like throat infection or common cold but it becomes an issue when you are unable to satisfy your partner or feel pain in your testicles. India is one of the fastest-growing countries and but still, sex is considered taboo by many. One such common problem faced by a lot of men in India is phimosis which is mainly due to uncircumcised penises. When you are unable to pull your foreskin to the back and see your glance, it is called phimosis. Not treating phimosis can lead to para-phimosis as well. Patients should not forcefully pull the foreskin as it can also lead to small injuries, causing scarring which can make it even harder to pull the foreskin back. This is known as acquired or pathological phimosis. There is also a high chance that the foreskin may get stuck and form a tight ring around the penis, leading to paraphimosis. Paraphimosis leads to impaired blood flow to the penis, thus causing difficulty in achieving an erection hard enough to penetrate the vagina. Paraphimosis is an emergency condition and requires immediate treatment by a doctor.

Phimosis leads to erectile dysfunction
Phimosis treatment without surgery by sexologist in Delhi

Let's discuss a case from Curewell Therapies. According to reports, some of the men coming with erection issues don't even know if their foreskin should go all the way to the back after achieving an erection. One such case can enlighten us about the importance of discussing sexual problems with experts. The patient was a 32-year male, who got married a few months ago and visited with his wife. They were having a rocky relationship due to the fact that he was unable to penetrate even after 4-5 months of marriage. He consulted some doctors online who recommended him some pills without any physical examination. Following the doctor's advice, he purchased the medicines and achieved an erection although it still ended with no success. The major problem that was discovered during the physical examination was that his foreskin was too tight which resulted in pain every time he tried to consummate. After this, he was recommended to first get treated for phimosis which was eventually completed in a few weeks without any surgery (circumcision). Within weeks, with proper medication, guidance, and counseling, he was able to satisfy his wife.

Some people prefer to use a condom rather than seek a permanent solution by meeting an expert. We always recommend one consultation with the right doctor can change your life forever. One such condition that can further ruin your case is diabetes. Diabetes-acquired phimosis is caused by an infection and high blood sugar levels as a result of diabetes which may provide a breeding ground for infection. For a healthy sexual life, it is recommended to never ignore any symptoms that are causing obstacles in your performance. Book an appointment today with a sexologist in Delhi, like Dr. Sudhir Bhola, and bring a positive change to your life.


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