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    Book an appointment to meet one of the best sexologist doctors for ED, PE, and Infertility, personally at Delhi or Gurugram. You can also book at +91 9899118111.

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  • Should you discuss sexual problems with your partner?

    When it comes to any sexual disorder in men or women, it is important to discuss it with your partner. These days, the maximum percentage of patients suffering from common issues like ED or early ejaculation are of the age group 25-35. Our generation relies too much on what they see online like watching adult videos, movies and reading blogs by non-medical field bloggers. The young generation relies too much on visual content to masturbate, leading to psychogenic erectile dysfunction resulting in dependence on videos and images to achieve an erection. When the time comes for physical activities, the patient fails miserably in getting a hard-on. Even when everything is fine, men are worried if they would be able to satisfy their partners or not. Reason - in adult videos and movies, it is often shown that men are supposed to go on for 30-60 mins without break, and only after that can the woman achieve an orgasm. This is wrong and people should not compare themselves. Every individual is different and unique. Women don't achieve orgasms as men do. Your relationship with her, mental state, affection, love and, respect play more important roles than just the size of your organ. Just to increase confidence, men prefer to take pills to increase performance artificially on their first night (after an arranged marriage) but what they forget is that doing something like this will only increase false hopes in her mind. She will be expecting the same performance every time you get involved. It is quite obvious you won't be able to show the same strength naturally which results in performance anxiety thus creating issues. Stay natural and don't discuss your sexual issues with your friends or colleagues instead talk with an expert sexologist doctor. Discussing problems with your partner is considered to be the best option as they are the ones who support you in your life's ups and downs. Letting them help you will only help improve the bonding. The same thing goes for people who think size matters in order to satisfy a woman which is again wrong. Penetrative sex is not the only way to help her reach to climax. Oral is considered safe and can be used often in sexual activities. Proper foreplay is always recommended which further turns her on. More than size, your stamina matters. I hope this content helped you understand the importance of sharing your problems with someone you care about.

  • How to differentiate In Organic And Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual complaints in men. It can be caused by organic or psychogenic factors. While the exact cause can only be determined by a doctor or a professional sexual health practitioner, some signs can inform us of the nature of erectile dysfunction. To understand more about erectile dysfunction and to know more about erectile dysfunction medicine, keep on reading: What is erectile dysfunction? Impotency or Erectile dysfunction also called sexual impotence, is defined as the inability to get and maintain an erection that is sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. While every man can experience erectile dysfunction at a time in his life, it becomes a problem when it happens repeatedly or when it has repercussions on his quality of life. Erectile dysfunction can be organic, which means it is caused by a physical issue. Or it can be psychogenic, meaning it is caused by emotions, stress, or another underlying mental factor. But don’t worry, ED treatment in India is possible! What are the predictors for organic sexual dysfunction? If a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, it is more likely to be organic if the man’s age is over 50 years old, if the onset is gradual and happens over time, if there is a history of chronic illness like high blood pressure or cancer, of trauma to the pelvis or the penis or if the person is under medication. Another very important telling factor is the loss of the morning erection. All of these signs are in favor of organic sexual dysfunction. What are the predictors for psychogenic sexual dysfunction? If a man suffers from sexual dysfunction, it is more likely to be psychogenic if the man’s age is under 40, if the onset is acute and the problem occurs suddenly, if there is no history of chronic illness, trauma to the pelvis or the penis and no use of medications. Sexual dysfunction is more likely to be psychogenic if the man is stressed or under psychological tension, or if he has a history of mental health issues like anxiety or depression, and if he is with a new spouse or sexual partner. All of these signs are in favor of psychological sexual dysfunction. What is the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction? If you are looking for how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally, look no more! The best way to manage erectile dysfunction is to fix the problem at the root. If you are suffering from organic erectile dysfunction, an expert like Dr. Sudhir Bhola will be able to help you solve the issue and will prescribe you the best natural medicines for erectile dysfunction without side effects. If you are suffering from psychogenic erectile dysfunction, a qualified sexual health professional will help you fix this problem through various psychological interventions and by giving you the necessary tools to manage your anxiety, improve your self-esteem and leave this issue behind. Linear shockwave ED therapy is the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction. Conclusion: Erectile dysfunction is a very common sexual complaint in men. It can happen to anyone, and most men will experience erectile dysfunction at least once in their life. It is usually caused by simple factors like alcohol consumption or performance anxiety. But in some cases, erectile dysfunction can occur repeatedly and will negatively affect one’s self-esteem and quality of life. In this case, sexual health professionals will be of great help to diagnose and treat this issue. There are two main types of erectile dysfunction, organic or psychogenic, with telling signs for both types. Psychological interventions will help you ease any psychological tension that could be behind the problem, and etiological treatment, prescribed medications, or even surgical interventions can help with organic erectile dysfunction. Book a consultation below.

  • How To Help Your Partner If He Has Premature Ejaculation

    Premature ejaculation is the most common problem that affects men’s sexuality. Most men will suffer from premature ejaculation at one point or another in their life, and that can cause them to be anxious or have low self-esteem. Furthermore, especially in committed relationships, premature ejaculation is a problem that affects both parties, and not just the man. If you are in a relationship with a guy who suffers from premature ejaculation, there are plenty of ways that you can help your partner. Is there any natural treatment for premature ejaculation? 1) Do your Research: The first step to tackling any problem is to fully comprehend it. Doing your research on the matter will allow you to understand premature ejaculation and its causes. Although there are many definitions of premature ejaculation, it usually occurs when a man ejaculates sooner than he or his partner would like. It is the most common sexual complaint in men, and it can be caused by biological factors, or in most cases psychological ones, hence the importance of being understanding and adopting the right attitude toward the problem. 2) Have the right attitude: If your partner suffers from premature ejaculation, it’s normal for you to feel somewhat frustrated in bed. However, keep in mind that your partner is just as frustrated as you, if not more, and is also probably dealing with feelings of low-self esteem and performance anxiety. Since psychological discomfort is a big factor behind premature ejaculation, it’s important to remain calm, understanding and show your partner that you love and care for them. 3) Encourage dialogue: To improve the sexual experience and enhance sexual intimacy in a couple, it’s important to be open to dialogue. Especially in cases where the partner suffers from premature ejaculation, it’s essential to allow him to express his feelings and to feel seen and supported by you. Creating a space to be open, intimate, and vulnerable in your relationship is a key aspect of dealing with not only premature ejaculation but any other problem that may arise in your relationship. 4) Try at-home solutions There are many solutions that you can try with your partner at home to help him delay his ejaculation. He must abstain from masturbation as it can condition his body to ejaculate fast. Watching porn movies is also a big no, not only do they show unrealistic expectations of how long sexual intercourse lasts, but they can also distract the person watching them which makes them oblivious to their body’s orgasm signals. Trying sexual positions with the woman on top can help delay ejaculation, as the woman can pull off if she feels her partner is close to climax. Using a thick condom is another tip to use, as it will decrease sexual sensations allowing the male partner to last longer. Try some foods to cure premature ejaculation like Carrot-Spinach, corn, fish, and garlic. 5) Allow him to pleasure you in other ways: If premature ejaculation makes it harder for your partner to pleasure you during vaginal intercourse, you can be open to trying other things. Allowing your partner to pleasure in ways other than vaginal penetration will make him feel less frustrated with himself, and it is a good step toward improving your sexual intimacy as you work together to find a solution to premature ejaculation. 6) Encourage him to seek professional help: If at-home solutions don’t work, don’t be discouraged. Professional sexual help (Sexologist like Dr. Sudhir Bhola) is available, with treatments like behavioral sex therapy exercises or even prescribed medication. Don’t hesitate to encourage your partner to seek professional treatment, as it can be a way for both of you to finally put premature ejaculation behind you. Make sure to find a qualified therapist or doctor that you trust, and always remember that the first step is the hardest. How To Increase Sex Time With Medicine Without Side-Effects? Premature ejaculation is a common sexual complaint in men. It occurs when the man ejaculates faster than he or his partner would like. Premature ejaculation can be quite stressful and anxiety-inducing, which can only exacerbate the problem. There are many ways for you to help your partner if he suffers from premature ejaculation. Be understanding, open to dialogue, allow him to pleasure you in other ways, be open to trying at-home solutions, and if all else fails, professional help is available. Check our other blogs for more helpful tips on premature ejaculation treatment in India.

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  • Erectile dysfunction treatment | Sexologist | Delhi

    Best sexologist for treatment of erectile dysfunction in Delhi & Gurugram Dr. Sudhir Bhola is one of the best doctors for effective erectile dysfunction treatment with Ayurvedic medicines. treatment for erectile dysfunction in India Erectile dysfunction also called sexual impotence, is the most common sexual complaint in men over 30. It is defined as the inability to get an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Most men will have experienced an episode of missing erection or difficulty in sustaining it at least once in their life. The causes of sexual impotence are diverse, ranging from simple psychogenic factors like stress performance to other more serious diseases and disorders. Thankfully, many treatments are available to manage erectile dysfunction. Although it can be taxing on a person’s self-esteem and relationship health, it’s important to talk about it and seek treatment from a qualified health professional. After years of research, Dr. Sudhir Bhola has formulated some of the best Ayurvedic medicines for patients searching for erectile dysfunction doctors near me , including potent herbs from all over the world. Today, the world wants to get treated with safe supplements which also give long-lasting results. At Curewell Therapies, we can offer some of the best options for ED treatment in India. One such latest impotency treatment is through linear ESWT. No wonder patients call him the best doctor for erectile dysfunction in India. Keep reading to know more about this amazing new technology. Causes The potential causes of erectile dysfunction are numerous and varied, they include: Artery disease: the most common cause in men over 50, usually linked to high blood pressure, smoking, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Endocrine disorders: hyperprolactinemia, low thyroid function, type II diabetes, testosterone deficiency. Neurological disorders: neurological damage from alcohol abuse, diabetes or infections, trauma to the spine or spinal cord, spina bifida, lumbar canal stenosis… Trauma to the penis. Pelvic surgery. Peyronie’s disease. Psychiatric issues: schizophrenia, anxiety, or depression. Substance use and adverse effects: either prescription drugs like antipsychotics, antidepressants, some antihistamines, or illicit drug abuse. Psychogenic factors: stress, change in the environment, relationship difficulties, performance anxiety. ​ The causes of erectile dysfunction are diverse, hence the importance of consulting with a qualified sexual impotence therapist to get the right diagnosis and the right treatment. Symptoms Erectile dysfunction does not particularly suggest that a man can never achieve an erection. Some men can masturbate just fine but can't penetrate inside a vagina during sexual intercourse. Some are able to get it hard by watching pornography but don't get the same results while performing in bed. Some fail to get 100% erection due to tight foreskin. While some men are completely impotent which means they don't get hard at all. ​ The symptoms of ED are diverse and can vary from man to man. Most men will experience erectile dysfunction, and one episode is usually not a cause for concern. However, when the problem becomes chronic and reoccurs over time, it’s necessary to get things checked out. ​ The main symptom of impotence is the inability to get an erection firm enough for vaginal penetration. The severity of erectile dysfunction can vary and will range from getting an erection that’s not hard enough for sexual intercourse, to the inability to have an erection or even complete flaccidity. In some men, it can also present as a reduced sex drive or low libido. ​ Depending upon the diagnosis or physical examination by an expert only, one can determine the right course of action. Some of the major symptoms are Inability to get an erection Finding it difficult to maintain the erection Reduced sex drive or low libido Ayurvedic treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in India Many efficient treatment options are available to treat sexual impotence. However, the first step is to consult a doctor who will make a precise diagnosis, which will influence the therapeutic methods that can be used and suggested to the patient. Treatments prescribed by a doctor can range from simple medications, psychotherapy, Venous leakage treatment, or even surgery. Consulting a psycho-sexologist trained in erectile dysfunction management is the best way to treat it. ​ Dr. Sudhir Bhola’s unique approach to managing and treating erectile dysfunction has worked wonders not only in India but all around the world. With the combination of psychological counseling , safe Ayurvedic medicines , and guidance from an expert sexologist like Dr. Bhola, a man will regain his sexual stamina and drive in no time and will be able to live his sexual life to the fullest. We also provide many advanced treatments like Linear Shockwave ED Therapy which is considered one of the best impotency treatments in India. However, it is not recommended for everyone unless Dr. Bhola recommends it. ​ You can book an appointment at one of our clinics present all around India. We also offer international consultations for people living outside of India through audio and video messaging/calling, with the possibility of getting our unique blends of safe Ayurvedic treatments delivered all around the world. Importance Of Physical Intimacy by Dr Sudhir Bhola Importance of marrying early and consequences of taking too much stress Dr Sudhir Bhola talks on Erectile Dysfunction Patient reviews coma I visited Dr. Sudhir Bhola in 2019 for an early ejaculation problem in the hope to get a permanent solution as I had wasted more than 1 lakh rupees on different over-the-counter products which give symptomatic relief for a limited time. I have been married twice and changed many partners before due to this problem. I was given a reference to Dr. Bhola from a urologist doctor friend of mine. I started his medicines in which there were only herbal ayurvedic medications which had no side effects but only positive signs on my body. Firstly my erections were getting better, after which my timing was improving slowly after each intercourse session. My strength and energy levels also increased significantly. Within 4-5 months, my problem was cured and to date, I haven't faced any issues. Verified Patient

  • Sexologist in Delhi - best sexologist in India | Dr. Sudhir Bhola

    Sexologist in Delhi - Dr. Sudhir Bhola The top sexologist in Delhi for male sexual disorders, Dr. Sudhir Bhola has steered thousands of patients toward a healthier path for over 30 years. With extensive knowledge of Ayurveda, he has formulated some of the most potent medications for major sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and infertility in men. To book online audio or video consultation with Dr. Sudhir Bhola, click on the WhatsApp icon Clinic Consultation Book to visit and meet Dr. Sudhir Bhola personally. Book Now DR. SUDHIR BHOLA SENIOR DOCTOR AND FOUNDER OF CUREWELL THERAPIES Dr. Sudhir Bhola is the best Ayurvedic sexologist doctor in Delhi, Gurgaon who currently practices at Sultanpur M.G. Road, Gurugram, and Rajouri Garden in India. One of the few doctors in Asia who provide Linear Shockwave ED therapy (the most effective impotence treatment without medicines) in India. He is a member of the European Society for Sexual Medicine, The National Ayurvedic Medical Association of the U.S.A., The International Society for Sexual Medicine, and The American College of Sexologists. He has been awarded "Rashtriya Swasthya Rakshak Gaurav Samman" in 2014 for his contribution to serving society by giving free treatments. You can also check his blog for free tips on improving sexual health naturally. A doctor who aims to provide long-term solutions rather than giving immediate temporary results. What makes him the best sexologist in India ? He believes in the theory of the right mixture of medicines, counseling, and lifestyle changes, which has helped him take home some of the most prestigious awards in the field of sexology in the last 2 decades. He started assisting his father, Dr. H. L. Bhola at the age of just 18 years while pursuing his studies. He has attended and participated in several medical worlds meets. One of the few Indian doctors to hold membership in some of the most respected sexual medicine societies and associations around the globe. Here are a few quotes from his speeches and interviews - Only medications may not help patients with years of impotence or early ejaculation problems. It requires a combination of changes in lifestyle, diet, expert counseling sessions from a good sexologist, patience, and perseverance. One should never hesitate to meet a sexologist doctor, no matter at what age you find it difficult to satisfy your partner. ​ Dr. Bhola appeared in the commercial for KIA Car. Dr. Sudhir Bhola Talks About When & Why To Approach A Sexologist. Achievements Dr. Sudhir Bhola has received several awards including the international award by Asia One, in the world's greatest leaders summit, held in Dubai for the leading doctors of Asia. Dr. Sudhir Bhola received the International Excellence Award (was presented by "Padma Shri" Madhuri Dixit) for his work in the field of sexual medicines Member of top societies for sexual medicines. He received the Best Sexologist in India Award from Dr. Yoganand Shastri, Ex-cricketer Chetan Sharma at International Healthcare Awards Best sexologist in India Reviews by verified patients across different websites for doctors. Dr Sudhir Bhola reviews I visited Dr. Sudhir Bhola in 2019 for an early ejaculation problem in the hope to get a permanent solution as I had wasted more than 1 lakh rupees on different over-the-counter products which give symptomatic relief for a limited time. I have been married twice and changed many partners before due to this problem. I was given a reference to the best sexologist in Delhi, Dr. Bhola from a urologist doctor friend of mine. I started his medicines in which there were only herbal ayurvedic medications which had no side effects but only positive signs on my body. Firstly my erections were getting better, after which my timing was improving slowly after each intercourse session. My strength and energy levels also increased significantly. Within 4-5 months, my problem was cured and to date, I haven't faced any issues. Verified Patient FAQ

  • Balanitis Treatment | Glans Penis Inflammation | Delhi

    Balanitis - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment Treatment for balanitis or inflammation of the foreskin and glans of the penis Symptoms Balanitis is a common condition in uncircumcised males in India in which there is inflammation on the glans of the penis along with the foreskin. Men with balanitis often present with penile pain and superficial reddening of the skin, usually in patches. Patients complain about irritation due to itchiness and swelling of the foreskin. If not treated on time, the swelling can often cause difficulty in urinating. The condition can be painful and if left untreated, it can also lead to weakness and fatigue. Some other symptoms include: White discharge under the foreskin. Foul smell. Painful urination Can also lead to erection issues. Causes Balanitis essentially affects uncircumcised men because the moist, warm area inside the foreskin is the perfect place for the growth of yeast and bacteria. It can occur at any age and is more common in males who suffer from phimosis, also known as tight foreskin issue where the man is unable to retract their foreskin easily all the way to the back. Some of the major causes of the inflamed foreskin and the head of the penis are : Not maintaining proper hygiene. Diabetes (one of the most common problems with diabetic patients). Obesity. STD - Sexually transmitted diseases. Using soaps with chemicals that irritate the skin. Treatment The treatment of balanitis in Delhi is simple and doesn’t take much time to give relief as long as the doctor knows the reasons behind the inflammation. Balanitis requires a physical examination by an expert sexologist . The doctor might ask for some tests as well in some cases. Ayurvedic medicines are available for this condition which are safe and easy to consume. It is advised not to take any medicine or ointment without consulting a physician as it can leave the patient with adverse effects. Inflammation of penis treatment is possible without any surgery. Instead of searching "how to treat balanitis naturally", book an appointment with Dr. Sudhir Bhola and get a safe cure for balanitis. WHAT PATIENTS SAY Balanitis can affect your sexual life too. I was unable to consummate during the time I was having inflammation over my organ. After discussing with my wife decided to meet Dr. Bhola for ayurvedic medicines for balanitis. The treatment was given for a month but there was relief within a week. Verified Patient I have been diabetic for over 4 years and balanitis has been quite a common recurring condition in my case. Mainly because of uncontrolled sugar levels. When I took medicines at Curewell therapies, I was also given healthy living tips which helped me control my sugar and maintain a healthy sexual life. Verified Patient I never knew this was a problem that required a doctor's assistance. When I first had the issue I simply ignored it for the first few days. As the problem didn't go away at its own, I had to contact the doctor. The swelling and itching was gone in a few days. There were no side effects. Verified Patient

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